Psychological Addiction – 5 Ways to Overcome a Non-Physical Addiction

Overcoming an addiction is one of the most difficult things to do in life. There are two main types of addictions that people deal with – physical addictions and psychological addictions. While both are difficult to deal with, the latter may be harder to overcome. Here are five ways you can overcome your psychological addictions.Evaluate Yourself RealisticallyOne of the biggest obstacles to deal with when overcoming an addiction is to admit that you have a problem in the first place. Many people are in denial about being addicted to something, and it’s impossible to deal with the issue until they can admit their dependence. This means you need to take a step outside of yourself, so you can realistically evaluate your actions. If you see a pattern of addiction, it’s time to seek help.Enlist a Support SystemThere’s a reason we all have friends. When you are going through a tough time trying to overcome an addiction, tell your friends about your plans, so they can help. Who are your closest friends? Who do you trust the most? These should be the people in your support system who will keep you accountable and help you through this difficult experience.Know Your Weak SpotsWhen you are dealing with psychological addictions, you should know what triggers your downfall. If you have a psychological addiction to smoking, and you know that bars make you want to smoke, avoid those places for awhile. Replace your addiction with something healthy, such as eating a piece of fruit, taking a brisk walk, or even reading a book. You can overcome your addiction while making yourself a healthier and more educated person.Start a New ProjectNothing gets your mind off of a psychological addiction like starting a new project that you are passionate about. Have you always wanted to write a book? Or do you want to coach your child’s sports team? Or organize an event at your church or school? You could also start a new business. Make it something that you are passionate about, and you won’t even miss whatever you are addicted to.PrayWhether you are a spiritual person or not, praying can do a great deal when overcoming an addiction. Verbalizing the fact that you have a problem and talking about them out loud is a great way to explore yourself and your inner thoughts. You might be surprised what you hear come out of your mouth when you decide to do this.Psychological addictions can hold us back from many opportunities in life. They can keep us unhealthy, and they can make us depressed or ashamed of ourselves for not being able to overcome them. Use the tips above as a good start to deal with your addictions, but it’s always best to seek professional treatment for serious matters.

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